Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Golf Clubs for Senior Players

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The golf game is a unique sport that requires one to play with passion for becoming the best. Some people play golf to pass the time while others play it as a career sport. Some of the big names of our times in golf sport include; Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, and Jordan Spieth. The good thing with this sport is that any person regardless of race, sex or age can play. The game not only helps us to spend leisure time with our colleagues but it also helps us to enjoy the outside environment. If you are looking for the best golf clubs for seniors, you are in the place. With the rising number of great golf players, manufacturers have are currently making customized golf clubs to meet the needs of every player.

For a senior golf player to enjoy the game, they must buy clubs that are designed for them. It is important to note that there are golf clubs designed for kids, pro-players and the aging players. Another important tip to becoming a better golfer is by first understanding the kind of player you are. The golf club you will buy depends on the level of skills and age. As most people think that finding the best golf club is almost impossible, we are here to help you break the puzzle and get the right package for you. With honest and resourceful information like this one, you will surely make a worthwhile investment. Keep reading the following guidelines to comprehend how to select the best golf clubs for senior players.

The Length

Your average height determines the length of the golf club. Also, the nature of the shaft helps to determine the length of the club. Some senior golfers do not walk upright so make sure you consider the walking posture too. The shaft is the long tube that connects between the club head and the hands of the golfer. When the shaft is long, it means that your hands will be far away from the ball. It is recommendable to buy a club with a shaft made from graphite to make it easier for the senior player to swing without struggling.

Consider the Challenge

When we compare young and passionate golfers to the senior players, we find that seniors are weaker. The distance achieved by seniors is very small compared to the one covered by the younger and energetic players. Manufacturers design clubs that offers better distances through the application of the least possible effort. Since the senior players get it hard when adjusting to the swings. Therefore, choose a club with a shaft that is flexible.

Shaft Specifications

When choosing the best golf club, it is important to concentrate on the shaft specifications. The shaft is an important aspect when it comes to selecting a club for the seniors. Since it links the player and the ball, it is advisable to choose one that you can manage while swinging. Every senior golfer should buy a shaft that is below 60gms. Modern shafts weigh 50gms because they are made of graphite.

Flex Stiffness

It is crucial for you as a senior golfer to invest in a club that you are comfortable while using. A senior player cannot enjoy the game when the flex of the club is not of suitable stiffness. Golf that has an unmatched degree of stiffness can make you shoot higher than expected.

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Wedge-set Combination

When looking for the best club for the senior golfers make sure you look at the wedge-set combination of the club. Normally, golf clubs are made of wooden materials and iron metal. A good club for a senior player should be a hybrid make. These materials can help an aging player to achieve a better distance. Also, elderly golfers should go for a club that has the additional loft to enhance the three pieces, wooden driver.