Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) section on the Market Intelligence area of the BPEX website has been completely revamped and updated. It enables producers to add their own performance figures to compare their units against the average. Click here to visit the KPI section and click here to see KPI case study.

Farrowing Pack – download here

Gilt Management Pack 
– download here

Solving summer reproductive problems
A handy guide to the problems you might encounter during periods of hot weather and how to address them – click here

Solving autumn reproductive problems

A handy guide to the problems you might encounter, and how to address them – click here

Cull Sows Wallchart

Use the chart each time you cull a sow to provide key information that can be used in conjuntion with your vet visits – download here

Action for Productivity

2. Strawing up – download here
9. Establishing the weaner – download here
14. Newborn management (indoors) – download here
17. Colostrum, food for life – download here
20. Condition scoring of sows – download here
24. Improving KPIs – Pre-weaning – download here
26. Improving KPIs – Breeding herd – download here
27. Gilt management – Selection to puberty –download here
29. Effective heat detection – download here
30. Semen storage and handling – download here
31. Optimising timing of service – download here
39. Heat stress in boars – download here

Work instructions

13. Handling gilts – download here
14. Humanising gilts and young boars- download here
15. Skip-a-heat – download here
16. Split Suckling – download here

Target 2TS

July 2011 2TS – download here
May 2011 2TS – download here
March 2011 2TS – download here
February 2011 2TS – download here
September 2010 2TS- download here
August 2010 2TS – download here
July 2010 2TS – download here
June 2010 2TS – download here

Knowledge Transfer Bulletins

8. BPEX AI Standard – download here
7. Lactation Feeding – download here
6. Gilt Feeding Strategies – download here
5. Light levels in the farrowing house – download here
2. Low birth weight piglets – download here

Farm Case Studies

Farm Case Study 20 – Novel technique saves 4 hours a week

Research into Action

2. When to wean – health and economics – download here

10. Seasonality in pigs – download here

BPEX AI Standard summary – download here

Setting a New Standard – Improving Reproductive Performance in Pig Herds (presentations)

Boar stimuli, follicular development and oestrus – Pieter Langendijk 
BPEX AI programme – Mick Sloyan
Enhancing reproductive performance – Mark Wilson
Farm characteristics to improve insemination strategies in pigs – Dorothe Ducro-Steverink
Improving reproductive performance in pig herds – John Mackinnon
Reproductive management in outdoor herds – John Hayden
The customer value of high quality AI – Arno Van de Laar
Trouble shooting suboptimal reproductive performance – Anja Riesenbeck

Basic Laboratory Techniques for DIY AI Operators
Basic Laboratory Techniques for DIY AI Operators (poster) – download here
Basic Laboratory Techniques for DIY AI Operators (video demo) – download here
Best practice AI wall charts
 – download here