Key Performance Indicators
Click here to visit the KPI section and click here to see KPI case study.

Farrowing Pack – download here

Gilt Management Pack 
– download here

Solving summer reproductive problems
A handy guide to the problems you might encounter during periods of hot weather and how to address them – click here

Solving autumn reproductive problems
A handy guide to the problems you might encounter, and how to address them – click here

Cull Sows Wallchart
Use the chart each time you cull a sow to provide key information that can be used in conjuntion with your vet visits – download here

Action for Productivity
2. Strawing up – download here
9. Establishing the weaner – download here
14. Newborn management (indoors) – download here
17. Colostrum, food for life – download here
20. Condition scoring of sows – download here
24. Improving KPIs – Pre-weaning – download here
26. Improving KPIs – Breeding herd – download here
27. Gilt management – Selection to puberty –download here
29. Effective heat detection – download here
30. Semen storage and handling – download here
31. Optimising timing of service – download here
39. Heat stress in boars – download here

Work instructions
13. Handling gilts – download here
14. Humanising gilts and young boars- download here
15. Skip-a-heat – download here
16. Split Suckling – download here

Target 2TS

July 2012 2TS – download here
July 2011 2TS – download here
May 2011 2TS – download here
March 2011 2TS – download here
February 2011 2TS – download here
September 2010 2TS- download here
August 2010 2TS – download here
July 2010 2TS – download here
June 2010 2TS – download here

Knowledge Transfer Bulletins
8. BPEX AI Standard – download here
7. Lactation Feeding – download here
6. Gilt Feeding Strategies – download here
5. Light levels in the farrowing house – download here
2. Low birth weight piglets – download here

Farm Case Studies
Farm Case Study 26 – Recording Resounding Success – download here
Farm Case Study 20 – video – Novel technique saves 4 hours a week – download here

Research into Action
2. When to wean – health and economics – download here
10. Seasonality in pigs – download here

BPEX AI Standard summary – download here

Setting a New Standard – Improving Reproductive Performance in Pig Herds (presentations)

Boar stimuli, follicular development and oestrus – Pieter Langendijk 
BPEX AI programme – Mick Sloyan
Enhancing reproductive performance – Mark Wilson
Farm characteristics to improve insemination strategies in pigs – Dorothe Ducro-Steverink
Improving reproductive performance in pig herds – John Mackinnon
Reproductive management in outdoor herds – John Hayden
The customer value of high quality AI – Arno Van de Laar
Trouble shooting suboptimal reproductive performance – Anja Riesenbeck

Basic Laboratory Techniques for DIY AI Operators
Basic Laboratory Techniques for DIY AI Operators (poster) – download here
Basic Laboratory Techniques for DIY AI Operators (video demo) – download here

Best practice AI wall charts
 – download here