What types of activities are eligible?


Any event, which will contribute to knowledge transfer or skills development, will essentially be eligible for funding.

So far a variety of events have accessed the funding including.

  • Pig discussion groups
  • Farm walks
  • Health workshops
  • Training courses
  • Production workshops
  • Certificates of Competence Manuals

Provision has also been made for management training, study tours etc.

Priorities identified by RDAs include, but are not limited to:

  • Supply chain and marketing
  • Climate change
  • Environmental land management
  • Business management
  • Risk management
  • Resource efficiency
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Nitrates, pesticides and waste management

In general the following activities cannot be funded under this scheme:

  • Most legislative training (except Animal Health/Welfare and Nutrient Management)
  • Skills training/knowledge transfer lasting longer than three years
  • Large scale infrastructure for training
  • Courses which form part of normal systems of agriculture at secondary/higher level
  • Training for individuals