Training opportunities


This is a summary of the training schemes available to staff in the pig industry currently. If you are looking for something different please get in touch with the Skills Development Manager.

BPEX currently holds contracts with a number of RDAs throughout the country, allowing the majority of staff within the industry to access up to 70% of the costs of training. Please see the RDPE page for more details of what is happening in your area.

Further information about each scheme can be found by clicking on the title.

Advanced Course in Agricultural Business Management

Content: The programme covers themes such as managing the business, personal development, managing risk, working with the media, managing change and managing time.

Qualification: Certificate from the Royal Agricultural College.

Length of Scheme: The programme lasts for three continuous weeks.

Aimed at: People who are looking at, or already, managing a business in the agricultural sector.

Cost: Contact the Royal Agricultural College

Contact: [email protected]

John Edgar Memorial Trust  

Content: Seminars on Managing People, Business Practice, Taxation & Law, Media Management, Leadership. Residential course in rural business management are delivered throughout the course. Practical case studies and projects are used to back up the theory taught.

Qualification: Certificate from the John Edgar Memorial Trust.

Length of Scheme: The scheme consists of three separate weeks spread over five months.

Aimed at: People who are an early stage in their career in agriculture or rural-based business in Southern England and have management experience or potential. Generally they are future leaders in their chosen field and wish to benefit

Cost: Free of Charge

Contact: [email protected]

Leadership Development Group – LDG

Content: The programme consists of a number of modules that focus on personal development, whilst at the same time exposing delegates to leadership skills. These modules include the Outdoor Development Programme, Leading Teams Safely and Effectively, Planning and Organising Work, Communication and Presenting Ideas and Managing Customers and Projects

Qualification: Certificate of attendance from Cedar Associates

Length of Scheme: The programme is made up of five parts, split over a 12 month period

Aimed at: Staff who are ready to move into a supervisor /managers role. Participants will be looking to improve their skills and confidence in leading a team of people.

Cost: Contact JSR for full details

Contact: Tim Rymer or Linda Woodhall on 01377 227755

One-day Management Training Courses

Motivating and retaining staff is essential in today’s modern pig industry, but management is a difficult task. To help ease these problems and encourage staff development, a range of training days in supervisor and senior manager training has been developed.

These courses can be run for a group of staff from an individual company or for a group of individuals from a range of businesses. If you are interested in attending one of these courses please contact Tess Howe, Skills Development Manager. Tel: 07779 321 078 Email: [email protected]

All of the courses listed below can be tailored to suit your business needs. Each course lasts for a day unless stated otherwise.

BPEX Professional Managers Development Scheme

Content: A comprehensive mix of management training sessions, work based projects and networking sessions with allied industry. Training covers all aspects of management.

Qualification: Certificate in First Line Management (ILM) and Certificate from BPEX.

Length of Scheme: The programme consists of 10 sessions spread across 18 months. In between sessions, work based projects will be required to be completed.

Aimed at: People in management who are in a position to make changes to the business and want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Cost: Free of charge in the first year (2010)

Contact: [email protected]

Stockman Development /in-house staff progression

Content: Series of workshops based around the key production areas, plus experience and knowledge gained in all aspects of production by visiting allied industry partners and working in different sections on a farm.

Aimed at: Stockman wanting to improve their all round knowledge of pig production and who will want to progress to become unit/section manager.

Qualification: Certificate of attendance from BPEX. All people on the scheme should be working towards at least stage two if not stage three of the pig industry Certificate of Competence. Assessment of knowledge transfer will occur throughout the process via a scheme handbook. The workshops will prepare staff for Certificate of Competence Stage 2

Length of scheme: around 14 months

Cost: Workshops and scheme handbooks are free or charge. Other training materials and assessment fees will need to be paid for.

Contact: [email protected]