JSR Leadership Development Group


In 2009 the LDG began its 17th year and more than 100 delegates have successfully completed the programme.

The idea was conceived when Tim Rymer, Chairman of JSR, noticed that no one from within JSR had applied for a job vacancy advertised on one of their pig units. Curious as to why that may be, he asked the staff on the unit why they had not put themselves forward. The response was that they did not feel they had the necessary skills and confidence to lead a team of people.

Tim approached Lindsay Muir, of Cedar Associates and together they worked to design a programme that would equip staff with these missing skills. However it was evident early on that this was a programme that could benefit delegates outside JSR, and so it was agreed that the course would be available to other companies, by marketing through Cedar Associates.

The LDG programme runs over a period of 12 months and consists of a number of modules that focus on personal development, whilst at the same time exposing delegates to leadership skills.

Part 1 – Outdoor Development Programme

Part 2 – Leading Teams Safely and Effectively

Part 3 – Planning and Organising Work

Part 4 – Communication and Presenting Ideas

Part 5 – Managing Customers and Projects

If this course is of interest to you please contact Tim Rymer or Linda Woodall on 01377 227755 for further information.