Certificates of Competence


A set of Certificates of Competence qualifications in pig husbandry for producers is available from BPEX.

The qualifications are practical, relevant and can be delivered and assessed within the workplace. They have been designed by pig producers for pig producers and overcome the historical barriers to training, including off-site training courses, biosecurity concerns and lots of paper-based assessments.

Click here for details on the overall structure for the qualifications

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Click below to find out what each certificate includes:

Stage 1: Basic Stockmanship and Welfare Stage 2: Pig Husbandry Skill Stage 3: Pig Unit Supervision and Operation

Veterinary Medicines Certificates of Competence: Stage 2 and Stage 3 Certificates of Competence require the completion of the relevant pre-existing Veterinary Medicine Certificate of Competence. Click here for details.

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Price and order form:
There are two different prices for the training material, one for levy payers and one for non-levy payers. To download an order form and price list click the appropriate link below.

You may be eligible for funding support for these materials – contact Tess Howe to find out more…