Producer Charter in the East of England


Cut your cost of production


In East Anglia swine dysentery is increasing and is now at its highest level for many years. It is one of the most economically damaging diseases a farm can experience.

  • Infection with the bacterium Brachyspira hyodysenteriae causes severe inflammation of the large intestine with a bloody diarrhoea (dysentery).
  • No cases were diagnosed by VLA Bury St Edmunds in 2004, but since 2005 the number of incidents has doubled each year.
  • The disease Can cost more than £10/pig finished when costs of permanent medication, mortality and non-marketable pigs is added to feed costs.
  • Whether the disease is mild or severe there is still a risk of spread to uninfected pigs and other producers’ units.
  • Producers and vets agree that tackling swine dysentery has become a priority in East Anglia.
  • Producers have agreed there should be a charter on sharing information on where swine dysentery is and its control.

BPEX is fully behind producers and supports the Producer Charter, storing and giving controlled access to the data as agreed by producer members. BPEX also supports the efforts to control the disease with information on prevention, treatment and elimination of swine dysentery.

Producers are encouraged to sign the charter below, which will be transmitted direct to the Swine Dystentery Control Centre, and to work co-operatively to get rid of swine dysentery and the costs associated with the disease.

The Swine Dysentery Control Centre will:

  • Record details of all confirmed swine dysentery cases.
  • Gather key facts relating to outbreak, including farm location, diagnosis, destinations of any pig movements off the infected farm.
  • Record farm being declared swine dysentery free after an outbreak.
  • Circulate key information to all contacts nominated by the members of the Producer’s Charter.
  • Provide protocols/guidance on approaches to various swine dysentery-related issues.
  • Provide advisory service to abattoirs, hauliers and feed companies and knackermen on swine dysentery control procedures.

East Anglia Swine Dysentery Producer Charter

Please complete this form and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

I am committed to helping control swine dysentery in East Anglia. To that extent I agree to the following:
I agree to seek veterinary advice, including diagnostic testing, in the event of suspicion of swine dysentery.
I agree that my veterinary surgeon will notify the Swine Dysentery Control Centre of all cases of a confirmed swine dysentery breakdown on my pig unit(s) without undue delay.
I agree that my veterinary surgeon will provide the key information relevant to the outbreak to the BPEX Swine Dysentery Control Centre.
I agree to take such reasonable precautions as may be agreed by the Swine Dysentery Producer Charter Group to limit the risk of spread of swine dysentery.
I agree that the information on location, positive swine dysentery status, and pig movements over the relevant period can be shared with other members of the Producer Charter.

    You will receive confirmation from the Swine Dysentery Control Centre you have signed up to the East Anglia Swine Dysentery Producer Charter.

    If you prefer to complete and faxback a hard copy of the charter please go HERE.