Feed crisis pack

The factsheets in this pack discuss a range of ways for making efficiencies and reducing feed waste through the weaner and finisher stages to secure the best net margin you can. Download here

KPI Section

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) section on the Market Intelligence area of the BPEX website has been completely revamped and updated. It enables producers to add their own performance figures to compare their units against the average. Click here to visit the KPI section and click here to see KPI case study.

Action for Productivity

7. Factors affecting killing-out percent – download here
11. Increasing uniformity of finished pigs – download here
22. Improve your marketing return – download here
25. Improving KPIs – Rearing herd – download here

Work instructions

WI 2: Slapmarking Slaughter Pigs – download here
WI 7: Loading and Unloading Pigs – download here

Target 2TS

June issue – download here

Feeding herd calculator

This tool allows producers to estimate the effects of their feed, and other, costs, slaughter weight and sale value on net margins.

Access the calculator here

Pig Carcase Authentication and Verification Services

The Value of Independence – Pig carcase classification for the meat industry.

Practical suggestions for improving efficiency within your business (AIG, July 2008) – download here

Maximising returns from finishing pigs – download here

Grower-Finisher workshop handout  download here